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IRS Installations


What is IRS? 
Integrated Reception System is a combined Satellite, Aerial and Radio signal that is sent down one or two cables, depending on the requirements at the TV outlet. 
How many Satellites can be viewed? 
The maximum amount of Satellites you are able to view at the current time is 4 which is known as a 17 wired IRS system. Normally this installation would include SKY as the primary Satellite and a further three satellites including Hotbird, providing over a thousand European channels, Arabsat, providing channels from the Arab States and any other from a vast choice. 
As well as the four Satellites, the end user will have the facility of Freeview which comes from the Aerial, Freesat which is another Free service offered to the consumer and either or, both radio transmissions from an FM aerial or a DAB Aerial. As a result your customers/tenants have a vast amount of channels on offer for their viewing. Obviously this system is the top end of the IRS Installation. AFS can offer you a 5, 9, 13 or 17 wire IRS System. The 5 wired IRS System consists of an Aerial, one Satellite (normally SKY) and Radio either FM or DAB or both. With each size of IRS system increase, another satellite is added up to the top end 17 wire. 
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IRS Systems
IRS Systems

Your IRS System 

How will i be able to watch all these services on my new IRS system? 
AFS, after installing the system to your block, house, flats, etc. would need to gain access to the property to install either a Triplex plate (3 outlets on the TV plate) or a Quad plate (4 outlets on the TV plate). The TV plate enables the viewer to either choose Freeview, or DAB/FM from separate outlets on the plate and satellite which is the third outlet on the triplex plate or the third and fourth on a quad plate. The combining of the signals is done within the system by the use of multiswitches and then is disseminated into its separate signal with the plate on the wall. 
Then the customer/tenant will require a receiver that has the ability to view more than one satellite (this will be only needed if you have an IRS System with more than one Satellite) as well as a Sky receiver to view Sky channels. 
What benefits will I get with having two coax cables rather than one? 
The benefit of having two coax cables rather than one to each TV outlet is quite simple really; it offers the customer/tenant the ability to record one channel while watching another. 
Why choose AFS Installations for your IRS System? 
If you choose to use us at AFS to install your new IRS System, we will survey, design and build for your needs, from the outset we will listen and design the system to meet your needs and fundamentally the needs of your tenants. All our engineers are fully trained, full CRB checked, fully Insured and we are members of the CAI, confederation of aerial industries, as well as Trust marked registered. We can also offer maintenance contracts and take on systems that no one else wants or has the knowledge to. So give us a call today on 0800 7720712 or fill in your details below, you will not be sorry! 
AFS Installations provides a free, no obligation quotation service for both new and existing domestic and commercial customers 
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