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AFS Installations have been helping our customers with their rewires for over 10 years. Yes, it can be an expensive adventure but if AFS are involved from the outset we can help you with some important decisions and in the long term, it is usually money well spent in terms of electrical safety in the home and the additional value to your property. 
Some of the decisions you will have to make could have a big impact on the cost so listed below are some choices you will have to consider when embarking on your House rewire. 
Garden lighting 
Security lighting 
Patio lighting 
Outdoor sockets 
Shed and outbuilding electrics 
Burglar alarm 
AV Installations 
Power showers 


Due to the mess cable installation can cause, most customers would try to avoid chasing cable into the walls, however, where possible, AFS will always recommend this as the best option to the customer as the final results speak for themselves..Not only does it look more aesthetically pleasing with no visual cables but it is also the best option for safety reasons. 
AFS electricians make every effort to keep the mess and disturbance down to a minimum. We will try to segregate each room as we rewire it. We would prefer to work with the room empty but realise this is not always possible, so if we do need to move furniture we will place this in the middle , then dust sheets will be used. We will then try to seal the room off from the rest of the house to minimise the amount of brick dust that occurs when cutting in channels for cables and sockets. 
Of course, it's much easier and cleaner to run cables on the surface but with white trunking everywhere this can be very unsightly. Once our electricians have run all wires and have fixed all back boxes in the relevant places, this will be the time for you to appoint your plasterer. Ceilings need to be boarded and chases need to be filled. 
Aldershot Electrician - Electrical Services Farnham
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Lighting requirements are best discussed at the outset. Depending on the needs of the room, this can be either a pendant in the middle or an ornate light fitting, whichever you prefer. 

Kitchen Lighting 

Over the last seven years we have seen a massive increase in house rewires of the installation of down lights in the kitchen area. This could be in the form of low voltage down lighters or LED down lighters which are making a massive emergence on the current market. Although LED down lighters are much more expensive from the outset ( in the region of around £35) the low voltage down lighter usually costs around £15 therefore making the upfront cost far cheaper. However, manufacturers offer you a 7-10 years warranty on an LED light fitting but with the cost of a lamp for the low voltage down lighter coming in at around £6, just think how many lamps you would probably get through in 7 years? Even if it was one a year (which is highly unlikely) you could be looking at an extra £42 per light fitting - you do the maths! 

Bathroom Lighting 

As with kitchen lighting, down lights have been the choice of many for bathroom lighting and as long as IP ratings (waterproofing) are followed and adhered to, AFS can assist you with this installation. You will also need to take into consideration ventilation in the bathroom with the use of an extractor fan. 

Light Switches & Sockets 

AFS Installation's electricians will discuss with you your requirements for each and every room, taking into consideration the electrical equipment to be used. For a standard rewire, you would be looking at approximately 4 or 5 sockets per room.  
We like to advise that for the main lounge area, a minimum of two to three sockets are installed, two behind the TV and then approximately 1 to 2 per wall depending, on the size of the room. Bedrooms would be fitted with a socket to either side of the bed then 1 or 2 on the wall opposite the bed.  
Obviously, the design of the room is down to the customer so the amount of sockets will ultimately be determined by them. For a basic square edge white double socket you will be looking at approximately £3 per socket. 
When it comes to sockets and switches you are now spoilt for choice; apart from the standard white plastic, you now have available a choice of brass, brushed steel, chrome or even black, all with varying designs. Obviously prices range from £3 to £133 depending on the make and model you choose. 
Aldershot Electrician - Electrical Services Farnham
Aldershot Electrician - Electrical Services Farnham
Aldershot Electrician - Electrical Services Farnham
Aldershot Electrician - Electrical Services Farnham


Smoke detectors and heat detectors are a necessity for any rewire as part of a new installation and these are usually fixed on the landing areas and with a heat detector in the kitchen. 
All smoke detectors and heat detectors must be hard wired and with battery back up and also on it's own circuit in a new installation. The cost of a smoke detector can be expensive, you can pick them up for around £30 to £35 each and a heat detector around £35 to £40 depending on the make and these will need to be fitted on each level of the house. 
Carbon monoxide alarms are not a requirement but we at AFS will always advice our customers to have one fitted. They cost in the region of £15 and the gas safe register recommends they are fitted near or close to any gas appliance. Please follow the link by clicking on the picture, this will give you an insight into carbon monoxide poisoning and what to look for. 
Although you may think the cost of the these detectors is expensive, what price do you put on the safety of your children and yourself? 
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Aldershot Electrician - Electrical Services Farnham

TV, Satellite and Data 

As part of your rewire, AFS Installations would also advise you to install TV and Data cabling throughout the house at the same time as your electrics. We would normally fit this in every room, running two satellite cables and two data cat 5 cables. Although not all of these cables will be used at any one time, by installing them this way it enables more flexibility which in turn enables you to change your house layout with minimal fuss, as the household grows and it's needs change.  

Underfloor Heating 

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular in bathrooms, kitchen and hallways, which is a great idea! If you are just about to upgrade your bathroom and have chosen tiles for the floor, then there is nothing better in the morning than having a nice warm floor to place those bare feet!