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Extra Sockets - what we do 

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Whether it's for new appliances, a new room layout, or just tidying up extension leads, we can help by installing additional socket outlets for you. These can either be neatly surface mounted, or cut into the walls.. 
Our work is clean and tidy. All work is fully tested when complete. 
Restore power to socket outlets. 
Covert single sockets into double sockets. 
Installing Additional Sockets. 
Replace old sockets with new updated sockets. 
Test RCDs (Residual Current Device) where necessary. 
Install weather proof garden sockets. 

Do you need extra electrical sockets? Are you overloading your existing electrical sockets? 

Avoid the risk of fire 

If, like most people, you increase the number of electrical sockets that they have in their home by using 4-way extension leads, then depending on what you plug into those sockets, you may be overloading your existing electrical circuits, and potentially creating a fire risk. 
Use the Electrical Socket Overload calculator to see how your sockets are doing. 
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