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Fibre IRS Installation - The Shard 

AFS Installations was ask to provide a temporary Fibre IRS system for the Shard, we installed the dish on the 82nd floor and run fibre to the 52nd and basement floors, so the building and the hotel were able to view Sky , Freeview, Freesat throughout the building. 
We were ask to overview their specification for the Installation, they had been informed they could have a list of 5 satellites on the 82nd and 84th floors, after we surveyed the job and the requirements set, we informed them due to the building position this would be unattainable and that all they would be able to view was 28.2 east (Sky). 
Quiet a few problems were overcome , firstly due to the height the wind factor had to be taken into consideration. 
Building movement, would effect signal from time to time. 
Satellite was internal: although the dish was internal to the building from the 76th floor upwards all four corners were open so we had a small window to enable us to gain a good signal. 
make up of the building (refraction & reflections) 
The Shard Fibre IRS Installation
The Shard Fibre IRS Installation
The Shard Fibre IRS Installations