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Electrical Installations - Wall of Shame 

AFS Engineers from time to time come across Installations that are obviously not been installed by reputable companies or over time a poor installation gone bad or even a DIY job not gone to plan. 
Although we will not name the individual, company or the electrical company that carried out the work we thought we would share some of what we find on our travels, hope you enjoy,  

Local Company in Aldershot. 

AFS Installations were called out to this one some months ago, we were actually called out to change a light fitting that continuously tripped, this is what one of our engineers found. The local large electrical company that worked on this decided to change the service head but failed to see this was a problem, this melting mess is actually the earth block!!  
Commercial Electrical Install - Electrician Alershot Farnham Farnboroughation

House in Camberley 

AFS was ask to come round a house in Camberley, they had been having a lot of trouble with their lighting, our engineer went round, took the front cover off the fuses on this board and this is what he found. 
Even for the the less educated among us, it is obvious that this is an accident waiting to happen. Not only was the the outer casing of the fuse missing so all live parts could be touched, the owner decided to replace the ever blowing 5 amp fuse to a 13 amp CLEVER! 
Fuse Board Hazard - Electrician Alershot Farnham Farnborough

Shop in Aldershot 

AFS Installations were called to this shop in Aldershot, they wanted to change their lighting and provide a EICR, unbelievably this is what our engineer found. 
The shop owner had decided he would save money and run extra lighting in for his store. He said and I quote "I watched a few videos on youtube and decided I would have a go! Please can you provide a test certificate". 
We have provided a quotation to rectify all his work, however he hasn't come back to us yet, perhaps he feels it will be OK. 
Electrical Installations Shop - Electrician Alershot Farnham Farnborough

A Home in Farnborough 

AFS were called round to a property in Farnborough, we were intial asked to give a quotation for a partial rewire, the couple had moved into this property 6 months ago. 
The Couple had said as part of this room rewire could AFS sort out this up lighter, as it was installed by the previous occupant but as nice as the effect it gives off the lamp keeps blowing. 
Our electrician on site was horrified, what you cant see in this picture, below the foil, the lamp fitting is not secure in any way and the cables can easily be touched, a disaster waiting to happen. 
To top it all off it looks as if the previous occupier had finished of his DIY light fitting by having a piece of glass fitted to the top of the light, nice.... what he obviously forgot, because he had to break the glass, was at some point he would need to change the lamp.... Clever!  
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