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AFS Installations Ltd install CCTV into homes and commercial properties. Our comprehensive range of CCTV equipment is always of the highest quality and competitively priced, with high performance cameras allowing excellent motion detection and when combined with our excellent DVR's, have instant data retrieval capabilities. AFS Installations engineers know exactly the optimum position for your cameras to enable maximum effect. We can also provide remote access to your premises via your CCTV system from any PC via internet connection from anywhere in the world.

AFS Installations ensure that you, as the client get the most professional, most accurate and most cost effective service with warranted products and lifetime phone support. AFS can provide cameras including Night Vision Security Cameras, Dome Cameras include Vandal-proof models, quality infra red and Mobotix Cameras which are regarded in the trade as the market leader in High resolution cameras.

We insist on providing clients with the highest quality installations using the highest quality products so whether you are looking to install a new security system or upgrade your current cameras, we have skilled engineers who can provide you with the best advice to satisfy your security needs.

For your next CCTV installation whether for the home or for the office, give AFS a call.

Understanding your security needs

As a customer of AFS Installations, having sat down, listened to and discussed your requirements, we will advice you on the best cause of action, however, you do need to have a clear idea of what you are wanting to achieve from your CCTV system.  This can be as simple as what you want to be able to view - the front door, garage area, side entrance or all around the perimeter of your property etc.  Although our qualified engineers are there to assist in this decision, it is one that is ultimately yours.  

For CCTV cameras and their installations, the quality of the images is fundamental and relevant to meet your purpose.

Recording equipment (DVR) comes in a variety of ranges depending on your requirements. Most commonly used at present are the IP DVR's. These give you the option to see (or be alerted to) any activity your cameras may have detected from anywhere in the world providing you have internet access. You can even receive footage on your mobile phones! One vital point to note - a DVR should be out of site and if the CCTV system is protecting offices, it should be in a secure area.  You have to remember that this is your only recording of the event so installing the DVR in a secure location is paramount. We normally like to fit these in lofts of residential properties for ultimate protection.

If, having read our information, you are still unsure of your needs, why don't you give AFS a call! We would be only too pleased to discuss your options with you!

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