Interior and Exterior Lighting

Interior lighting

At AFS we understand that Interior lights and exterior lights are different not only in their appearance but also in their application. Interior lights can be something as simple as a pendant or LED lighting in the middle of the room, or as extravagant as a sensory system giving you the opportunity to lower the lights to set the mood of a room. At AFS Installations we not only understand that a scheme will almost certainly change in the course of an installation which is, why we will not only listen to you, the customer, but we also advise you and help you to decide what best suits your needs. From a single pendant to LED lighting or even a full blown lighting system giving you the power to remotely control all of your interior lights from a single screen, wherever you are, we can give your lighting a mind of it's own, allowing it to intelligently allocate lighting automatically, depending on exactly which room you are in at any one time.

LED Lighting

LED stands for Light-emitting Diode. It is a device that emits visible light when an electrical current is passed through it. LED come in various different colours and strengths, with colours ranging from white to red to blue-violet, there are also mood sets like cool white and warm white to name a few.

Why use LED's instead of normal down lights (incandescent):

Less Power: LED's require a lot less power so not only save on electricity but also help the environment,

Higher efficiency: Most of the power supplied to an LED lighting is converted into light but with an incandescent light 5% is light and 95% is heat.

Life expectancy: If properly installed LED lighting can last for decades and most manufactures give a 7 to 10 year warranty on their products.

So although the LED light fitting is far more expensive than a conventional incandescent lamp the longevity of the LED far exceeds it so in the long run you pay less and help with the environment.

Exterior lighting

Exterior lights can have all manner of applications. You may require it for decorative garden lighting, security lighting to protect your property or just enough lighting to enable you to sit in the garden at night and relax in subdued light. we at AFS can create colourful atmospheric lighting for your external living space, we will listen to your requirements and find you the best solution to suits your idea's whilst at the same time giving you the most cost effective options.

The quality and quantity of light, whether natural or not, greatly improves our appreciation of our environment. Garden lighting can be just a way to light a pathway, or to accentuate a newly planted prized shrub but whatever your needs AFS Installations are here to help.

Would you like Decking Lights or even Patio lights embedded in stone? AFS can help you bring your garden to life. There's an art to getting the light right but once you have conquered this you will be able to feel the real difference it makes to your environment and your appreciation of your outdoor living space. At AFS Installations we feel it's key in our pursuit to provide our customers with that perfect environment. So whether it's security lighting, or functional lighting for a pathway or even LED lighting for a patio area or maybe the entire garden, don't hesitate to give AFS a call, we would love to help.

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